Curd Tart

I love how simple a curd tart is to make. This one uses a mandarin curd but you can use any curd flavour you like. 

Tart Pastry For My Mandarin Curd Tart
Mandarin Curd Tart
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So many things changed with regards to the pandemic from when I wrote about it, to when we travelled. The Netherlands did not require a PCR test or a rapid antigen test to be taken. This changed the day after I meant to book for it, so I was glad for all the delays that are happening in my life right now. Our vaccine QR code did not work in Holland the first time we tried to use them. And I must admit I did not bother after that. We merely showed our cards, together with our Passports if requested. This meant we could sit indoors at a restaurant, and make use of the facilities if we were sitting outside. It was not an inconvenience or hardship to have to whip them out of the handbag everytime we stopped for coffee or a beer.

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Despite South Africa saying you can have a rapid antigen test on arrival, KLM would not let us fly without the PCR test. Dave and I went to a lab that produced results on the same day. The test was not as bad as people made it out to be. And the email was sent to us before dinner that day. We had to show a paper copy when we landed. But this was easy enough to arrange with the reception at the hotel where we are staying. More checks are being done in South Africa, both for travellers leaving and arriving than at Schiphol. And there are a lot of forms that need to be completed, either digitally or by hand. Either way, travel was as easy as it was prior to the lock down and I felt confident travelling home with people who had tested negative.

Mandarin Curd Tart
Mandarin Curd Tart


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Curd Tart

This comes together so easily once the curd is made
Recipe Category: Baking, Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 tart
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


For the tart shell

  • 125 g softened, salted butter
  • 100 g fructose
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 240 g flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 10 mls baking powder

For the curd

  • 2 x 20 g gelatine leaves
  • water to cover the gelatine leaves
  • 265 g fructose
  • 250 g softened butter, cubed
  • 8 eggs
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 3 mandarins, zest and 180mls juice *


For the tart shell

  • Place the butter and fructose into a stand mixer bowl and cream until light and fluffy
  • Add the egg and beat well
  • Place the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl and mix to combine
  • Add to the stand mixer bowl, a couple of tablespoons at a time and mix until a sticky dough forms
  • Tip out onto a well floured sheet of baking paper, flour the top, cover with the baking paper and place into the fridge for 30 minutes
  • Remove from the fridge and roll between two pieces of baking paper until 5mm thick
  • Spray the pie tin with cooking spray, line the bottom then place the dough into the tin
  • Place the tin into the fridge while you preheat the oven to 180° Celsius
  • Dock the bottom of the pastry then line with baking paper and baking beans
  • Place into the oven and blind bake for 15 minutes
  • Remove from the oven, remove the baking beans and baking paper and place back into the oven for 10 minutes
  • Remove from the oven, trim the pastry and leave to cool completely in the tin

For the curd

  • Place the gelatine into a bowl, cover with water and set aside to bloom
  • Place the fructose and butter into a large glass bowl and place over a bain-marie
  • Place on the stove over a medium temperature and leave until the butter melts
  • Add the mandarin zest and juice and whisk to combine
  • Crack the whole eggs into a bowl, add the egg yolks and beat lightly to slacken
  • Add to the butter and whisk until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon
  • Squeeze the excess water out of the gelatine leaves and add to the curd
  • Whisk until completely incorporated then remove the bowl from the heat and set aside to cool slightly
  • Once cooled, mix to distribute the zest evenly then pour into the tart shell
  • Remove the tart shell from the tin and serve


* or any citrus fruit of your choice.
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime November 15:

Have you had a PCR test?

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  1. Wow! This curd looks great. I confess it would be new for me but I think we need new recipes this holiday season. Your trip sounds pretty easy from the travel perspective.

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