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I have been asked on a few occasions over the past years to review Firmoo on my blog. Up until this month, I chose to decline but the latest offer came from Firmoo at the same time that I needed new glasses. I have decided to review the process as you, my reader, would find it.

Firmoo Glasses Case
Glasses Case
  • Head off to your optometrist and have your eyes tested. Ask for a prescription for your glasses which include the readings for Sphere OD and OS, Cylinder OD and OS, Axis and PD
  • Go to the Firmoo website and register an account. You can login with Facebook if you are worried about passwords. You will have to sign in each time you go to the website.
  • Change the currency to suit where you live. I left mine on the default which is US Dollars but you can choose from Euros, GB Pound, Canadian and Australian Dollars.
  • In the my account menu start with my prescription. On the right hand side next to the terribly placed sharing button list is a tab that says add new prescription. Click on that and either upload the prescription you were given, or fill in the Rx form. I chose to fill in the form for both my distance and near prescriptions even though I could only get one pair of glasses. I would not recommend that you get multifocal lenses on-line as the Pupillary Distance needs to be measured with the frames on your face.
  • I could not see how to upload my photo in this tab. But when I went into an individual frame there is an option to try on and here you can upload a photo. Keep in mind that for differences between virtual effects and actual results, the virtual try on system is for reference only (quoted). As I don’t have a face-on photograph of myself on my computer, I chose to snap a photo with my webcam. Check your popup window to allow Firmoo access to your webcam. You have to get your face straight for the try on to work properly. Or, you can use the standard face options provided on the site.
  • In the personal info I entered my details, keeping in mind that the American date format (month/day/year) is to be used.
  • I did not enter my address until I had placed my order and when I click address management in the account settings I cannot see how to add an address. I can however edit or delete the address I used for my order.
  • There is an e-mail subscription option which is ticked by default. Go into this and untick it, unless you want to receive emails including store news, new products, special offers, and other promotional announcements.
  • Now it is time to choose your frames! Under the collections tab you can choose by popular pages, material or frame. There is also an option to look at eyeglasses for men and women, sunglasses and the daily new frames. I liked that I could filter my choices in the eyeglasses selection to colour, material, gender, size, frame, shape & price and prescription type. And you can clear all filters if you want to start over. However, you cannot deselect a filter, and you cannot choose more than one for some of the filters. Even though there is a filter for glasses costing over $50 there are none in this range!
  • To make the frame choice easier, start by measuring your current frames. This will help with the size filter. You want to measure the total width, lens width and height, bridge distance and temple length.
  • The collection for bloggers did not include the filter and I made the mistake of not looking too closely at the bridge distance. This is important if the frames you choose are all in one plastic as they don’t have adjustable nose pieces. Luckily for me, the bridge distance was 1mm less than my current frames. I chose quite large frames as I want to be able to read in bed lying on my side at night.
The Firmoo Glasses Frames I Chose
The Frames I Chose
  • As you see a frame you like, click on it and the link will take you to a page that includes the dimensions, as well as the following information: gender; material; frame style; whether or not it has a spring hinge; whether the frames are suitable for single, bifocal and progressive vision; the size; weight; and for which PD the frames are best suited. If you find the frame suitable, click the heart icon on the top left of the page. Carry on looking at frames by using their suggestions, or going back to your filter page until you have a chosen a few. You can skip the viewing step and click the heart straight away if you prefer. Some frames have different colour options.
  • You can then navigate to your favourites where you will find the frames you selected. You have the option to remove any of the favourites. Once you make your final selection click on the thumbnail and select lenses. First choose what kind of glasses you need, single vision, multifocal or non-Rx. For single vision lenses you get the option of distance, reader or intermediate lenses. All these lenses are free of charge. For multifocal lenses you get the option of bifocal lens with or without line and a free form progressive lens. These lenses come at a cost.
  • Once you have selected the lens, you will be asked to select your prescription. If you did not add the prescription when you set up your account, you can do so now.
  • The next step is to customize your lens package. There are various options for lens thickness, colour and coatings. The free options are lens thickness of 1.5 and an anti scratch coating. Any other choices come at a cost. The final price is shown as you choose the various options. You cannot change your customization once you have added the glasses to the cart, so get it right or start over.
  • Once you have customized your glasses you need to add to cart. Removing glasses from your cart is difficult due to the pesky share button. Once you are happy with your selection, proceed to checkout, where you can add your address if you have not already done so, or edit your address. I think that in this section, choosing your country first, before adding your address would make most sense as it defaults to American states.
  • All shipping from Firmoo is done via an express courier service for international deliveries at a cost of $24.00. For American deliveries there is the option of standard shipping at a cost of $6.95 or the express delivery at $12.95. For the US, there is free shipping for orders of $39 or more and for other countries the value needs to be $55 or more. You need to copy the promo code so that you can enter it before placing your order. Delivery will be between 3 and 10 days from date of order. I placed my order on the 2nd of November and the glasses were delivered by FedEx Express on the 9th from China.
  • Payment is made via PayPal and you will be directed to the PayPal page after you have placed the order. 
  • You will receive email notifications regarding your order, or you can look under my account at my order list. Once you have received your order there is an option to confirm delivery. You can add a comment about the frames for others to see, as well as upload a photograph of you wearing the frames.
  • In the package that was delivered to me by Firmoo, there was an invoice with instructions for me to take the lenses to my eye care practitioner to check the accuracy of the prescription and have the final adjustment and fitting done. There is also information on how to return the glasses for refund if you are not entirely happy with them. The glasses came in a hard case, with a cleaning cloth, a glasses bag and with a mini tool for tightening the screws.
Cleaning Cloth
Cleaning Cloth

The email I received from Firmoo was not very clear as to the value of my offer. Once I had sorted this out, there was no payment due. There is a lot of information help provided on the website and ordering glasses is quite simple. In doing this detailed review, I would have saved a fair bit had I proceeded with ordering another pair of glasses, when compared to the cost of frames alone in South Africa. If you want to order a pair of glasses for yourself then click here. This is an affiliate link and I will earn 10% commission from each order placed. New customers will receive a 15% discount on frames.

Disclosure: The offer from Firmoo was for a frame with single vision 1.57mm lenses with anti reflection and anti-UV coatings. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

Soft Cover And Tool
Soft Cover And Tool

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  1. This is a reminder that I need to have my eyes tested. Never had glasses before but sometimes when I am reading something and then look up to say read something on the telly, everything is somewhat blurry for a few seconds. Oops!
    Have a wonderful afternoon Tandy.
    🙂 Mandy xo

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