March 2016 In My Garden #IMG

In My Garden March 2016

Here is my In My Garden Post March 2016. I had every intention of posting a monthly update on what was going on in my garden but in December a drought took hold of South Africa. This is the worst drought I can remember since my childhood with animals dying due to lack of water. Thankfully, the Western Cape has not had it as bad as ‘up North’ but we have still been affected. Meat and produce prices are due to skyrocket, and this is not going to be a great year for the grape harvest and wine producers. We are on water restrictions with the cost of our water having increased by 10%. We can water on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and to make it even worse, we have had very little rain. On top of this, the wind has been howling, as it tends to do at this time of the year. I let my garden go to seed and will start again when the rainy season resumes. In the meantime I thought I would share my December photographs with you.

In My Garden March 2016
Hubbard Squash
Hubbard Squash

I planted 6 Hubbard squash plants and this was way too much! They took over my garden and despite the limited watering I still have green leaves. The plant is flowering but the wind keeps on blowing them away. If any of the seeds take I will donate plants to anyone who wants them as Dave did not enjoy the squash.

Fennel, Carrots And Radishes In My Garden March 2016
Fennel, Carrots And Radishes

I dug out one fennel plant to use with my radishes and carrots to make Turkish pickles. The rest of the fennel has gone to seed. I have collected some of the seeds to use as a spice, and I used some of the fronds when I made a bone broth. The rest of the seeds I have let go on the wind as this plant is indigenous to where we live. Radishes grow so easily that they make the best vegetable to get children to plant as the results are nearly instantaneous. I also learnt that I must spread my carrots as I ended up with bunches being twisted into a weird mass of carrot shapes.

Sweet Potato Leaves In My Garden March 2016
Sweet Potato Leaves

I have some mystery plants growing among the sweet potato leaves. The reason I am watering is to ensure I get to harvest sweet potatoes again. I have pulled out the plants that look like the are going to grow into trees, and left the flowering ones in the garden. These must be water wise as I am still getting flowers on them.

Marigolds In My Garden March 2016

My marigolds continue to flourish and as the seeds go dry I scatter them around and they are taking so well. Another water wise plant that is a great companion flower.

Chillies, Tarragon, Gooseberry Bush In My Garden March 2016
Chillies, Tarragon, Gooseberry Bush

My gooseberry bush died after this photograph was taken and so it was cut back and I can see green shoots forming. I have been ‘spoiling’ my tarragon and chillies with a decent watering. The tarragon is one of the best species I have grown and my chilli bush has been abundant this summer.

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20 thoughts on “March 2016 In My Garden #IMG

  1. our gardens are terrible right now. we keep using as much grey water as we can, but it’s really not helping. That said, you’ve not done too badly with your veggies, well done to you

  2. Reminds me I haven’t done a garden update for the longest time. I love Hubbard squash and would rate it above pumpkin. Your garden was doing so well Tandy. I am sure the bit of rain we are going to have over the next couple of days will make a big difference.
    Have a wonderful Saturday.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. How disappointing and frustrating, at least you were able to harvest some, Tandy. Living in Switzerland we are hardly confronted with water droughts, I am counting my blessings.
    I had meant to do some gardening this weekend but it is raining … when it clears up I will do some cleaning and preparing. I want to add a raised bed in which to grow salad and tomatoes, hopelessly behind with my time management.
    I will gladly link to your series – thanks.
    Happy Easter weekend!

  4. Hi Tandy, I have mystery plants growing too, sometimes they are real winners. Gardening to me is a tuff thing every year is different, I just do my best. Your plants look healthy.

  5. What a beautiful garden- I’m inspired to try growing my own food! I hadn’t realized that the drought was so bad for you guys.. It has been drought conditions here in California as well, but luckily this winter we had a decent amount of rain/ snow. Not enough though. Hope you guys can recover soon!!!

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