September 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I had every intention of turning this September 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen post into an in my pantry post but time has swept me aside this month. I did not get to make my tofu for Alex’s challenge. I bought the soya beans but that is as far as I got. On the 29th I decided to buy some soya yoghurt but there was none in stock other than the fruit flavoured ones and I did not think cherry tofu was going to cut it. I can tell you that Alex made his tofu and I am hoping he will get to put his post up soon. This month was consumed by Freshly Blogged and I cannot tell you how amazing it was to get my weekends back. Last weekend I baked a sourdough chocolate cherry cake to enter into a competition and I will be recreating it for the blog soon. Next week I start a new phase of blogging competitions so I will be busy. In the meantime, here are the very few new items to find their way into my kitchen this month.

in my kitchen ….

is a roll of disposable piping bags. They are put together quite nicely with the triangles ‘back to back’ to form a rectangle. I used the first one to pipe some filling into my first batch of chocolate and the bag burst. The chocolates were a disaster from the beginning as the mould broke when I tried to turn the chocolates out.

"Disposable Piping Bags"
Disposable Piping Bags

in my kitchen ….

is a chocolate mould to replace the one that broke. The one that broke cost me under R100 and this one was more than R100. I have not tested it yet but it looks good and it come with a little stand. I had a choice of shapes and decided this one was the best and you might see the shape around here quite often if all goes to plan

September 2013 Chocolate Mould
Chocolate Mould

in my kitchen ….

is a decorating pen. I am hoping that this will work better than the piping bags to fill my chocolates with. And, I can use it to write on cakes and biscuits in the future.

"Decorating Pen"
Decorating Pen

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38 thoughts on “September 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I have the same piping bag to fill your home-made chocolates with! 🙂 It is a really good one, you will see,..I also have different silicon moulds for making chocolates at home! This is always fun, fun, fun! 🙂

  2. Tandy, I hope the new mould works well for you – I’ve never tried using silicone moulds but I believe they can turn out a very shiny finish! I have much better luck spooning my chocolate into moulds rather than piping it, because in order to keep the chocolate in temper, I need to leave it on the heat mat – I find it tends to cool as I transfer it to the bag and therefore drops out of temper (does that make sense?). xx

    1. The mould worked great – I used the ‘pen’ to pipe in the truffle filling and used a spoon to do the chocolate with. My first batch worked a treat – the second experiment was a disaster 🙂

  3. I’m intrigued by the writing pen! I’ve never seen anything like it but would love to get one for my Christmas baking for sure. 🙂

  4. I use the Wilton disposable piping bags and they work a treat, I’ve never had one break. I don’t recall them being overly expensive either, but I did buy them a little while ago now! Look forward to seeing your chocolates!!

  5. Hi Tandy, I love the piping bags, what a great idea! I also love Cuisipro products, my favourites when I had the cookware store! Thank you for sharing your kitchen goodies this month : )

  6. G’day Tandy! Love those piping bags too!
    Love those chocolate molds and have used many and love the varieties they come in! Cheers! Viewed as part of IMK Joanne

  7. Tandy, I admire the patience and tenacity of folks who work with chocolate. Fun to see some of the tools of the trade! Best wishes in your upcoming competitions and thanks the the peek in your kitchen.

  8. Hi Tandy – I’ve got some similar piping bags so I’ll make sure I pay attention, not squeeze too hard and maybe be near the sink when I use them. Thanks.

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