International Scone Week 2020

The most popular recipe on my blog is the one for Olive Oil Scones. This was created for International Scone Week 2017. With over 2000 views in April alone, it just goes to show how popular scones are. I am hoping that International Scone Week 2020 will be just as popular.

International Scone Week 2020
Courgette And Feta Scones
Standing The Test Of Time

Starting in 2011, bloggers around the world gathered to make scones. To see how they came together, take a look at Celia’s post. She is the original hostess of this get together and if you want to read more about saving the planet or baking bread, head on over to her blog.

International Scone Week 2020

No matter where you are, or what style blog you have, you are invited to take part in #ISW2020. Please follow these steps in order to be featured in the link up.

  • Create and blog a scone recipe and post it anytime from the 10th to the 16th of August.
  • Link back to this post in your blog post.
  • Use the hashtag #ISW2020 in your social media

Everyone will be featured for the year in the sidebar of my blog. If you are in need of inspiration then take a look to see what was baked last year. The 2019 recipes will stay up until the 17th of August.

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Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime July 29:

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34 thoughts on “International Scone Week 2020

  1. I have been looking forward to seeing a post about scone week.
    I pulled out a recipe I used to make years ago, and I am going to give it a try and take photos for you <3

      1. Jack and I made our scone…and I have prepared a post to be published in August. Before then….if it is ok with you, I will mention in other posts you are hosting a scone-athon <3

  2. the blueberry and coconut scones sound wonderful. My mom used to make scones with raisins and caraway seeds when I was little – that’s what I will always thing of when I think of scones…

  3. I’m just one person, but scones are pretty unfamiliar to me, and I never saw them until a few years ago, just heard of them in British fictional accounts. A few bakeries I shop at now have them, but I’m never as pleased with them as with other pastries.

    In fact, as far as I know, scones are much less popular in the US than in other English-speaking countries. I don’t know anything about non-English-speaking countries, or how to learn more about what people make. I hope American readers will learn from the recipes that appear as a result of this event! And I would love to hear from others about their experience with eating them — long ago and recently.

    be well… mae at

    1. When I think of scones in an American context, I always think of biscuits. They are not the best pastry items to buy as they need to be fresh to be enjoyed, in my opinion.

  4. hi tandy
    thank goodness you reminded me about ISW! hasn’t it come quickly? i will be joining in but it’s going to take me a while. we are going away for the weekend coming up (all kosher), so it will be closer to the end of ISW before i get my post up. cheers and keep safe

  5. Thanks for the reminder about ISW. As Sherry says, it’s come around so quickly. I’ll get my thinking cap on and try and get a recipe posted next week.

  6. Thanks for the reminder – I will see how I go this year – it has been so crazy that I am not finding enough time to blog but if I can will definitely send you some scones! And if not I will be checking out the scones.

    I hope you are staying safe – I have seen that South Africa’s Corona Virus numbers seem to have shot up so it must be pretty tough times for you and am sending you warm wishes for good health and good luck.

    1. Thank you. Please don’t stress if you can’t make any. We are safe and where I live, the curve has flattened. We have a great recovery rate which is very encouraging. Stay safe xx

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