Italy Our Holiday In May and June 2013

Today Dave and I are off for our annual holiday. This trip we are going to Italy. We will be staying in Venice for close on a week before heading off to Bologna. While we are there we plan on finding Piazza Maggiore which we could not locate on our last visit. We will also be spending a day in Milan to head back to the Fort with a camera. After that we head off to Lake Como where we will visit the Moto Guzzi museum. We will also be dining at Osteria Francescana. I doubt we will have free wifi where we are staying so I will not be reading blogs while we are away. Because of that, I will also only reply to comments when we get back. I have scheduled some blog posts for while we are in Italy. Like last year I will be doing a daily diary so you can read about what we have done each day if you would like to. Be well and safe all my dear friends and readers. I shall be back on the blog on the 5th of June. 

The Entrance To Osteria Francescana Italy
The Entrance To Osteria Francescana

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59 thoughts on “Italy Our Holiday In May and June 2013

  1. Italy probably has some of the best food in the world. Have a great time and enjoy every bite! I’ll be looking forward to reading about it!

  2. Have a lovely time. I look forward to reading about what you get up to on your travels.

  3. wow sounds like an amazing holiday! i’m from italy so let me know if you want any tips 🙂

  4. wow!!! Have a fantastic journey and enjoy all of that delicious food and wine. I think that this is exactly what you need to get you inspired in your kitchen upon your return. Take care, BAM

    1. Thank you! The food here is amazing. The fish market is unbelievable. So inspired by the care every bit of food has 🙂

  5. Looking out of the window (rain splattered!) and thinking of you, Tandy. Hope you are enjoying every second of your Italy trip in spite of the very “unspringly” weather and will be back batteries recharged.

    1. Barbara, the cool weather has been a pleasure, especially in Venice. I may need a holiday from my holiday as we’ve done so much 🙂

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