March 2024 Showcasing In My Kitchen

At the beginning of March 2024 someone told a lie involving me. And even though I could prove I had not said what I was accused of saying, that did not seem to matter at all. I feel this statement was made to deliberately cause destruction. And the fall out has been immense. That being said, I have continued in my daily practice of being grateful. And last month I was extremely grateful for friends who had my back. The support has meant more than words can ever say. But onwards, and upwards, as they say, and April is going to be amazing!

All the sweet things

I popped 3 mug cakes into the microwave oven for James, Hannah, Dave and I to share. First there was a bakewell mug cake, then an orange and almond one, and last but for sure not least, a mint chocolate variation. The liquorice ice cream was made several months before, but I lost the recipe and had to recreate it before sharing. I made grape leather stuffed with figs and walnuts as an experiment. I think it worked out OK but I am not sure I would do this again. Last Easter I baked a hot cross bun cake. I saved the recipe to share over the Easter period hoping it would be time appropriate. A crown sourdough challah was baked as I played around with a recipe idea. The bread is so good and I will be working on this recipe to share more loaves with you.

What was new in my kitchen in March 2024

When I moved into my first home my dad bought me a grater. It worked amazingly well, until it didn’t! So I replaced it with a more expensive version which has done good service. And is perfectly OK for carrots, but not for frozen butter. I decided to buy a new multipurpose grater, and one that is more compact. This one has proven to be the perfect choice so far, and I love being able to press downwards to grate.

Grater March 2024

This is my April submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. For those of you who are celebrating Easter, I hope you had a lovely long weekend. My parents are here visiting, which means special memories being made. And I will only be back online tomorrow.
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24 thoughts on “March 2024 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I use my hand grater all the time and a good one is essential. Sorry about the person telling lies about you. It’s very very hurtful in every respect. You can only ignore it. so sad..

  2. Making different-flavored mug cakes for each guest is a neat idea.
    I still use the old-style box grater.
    best… mae at

  3. Sorry you had such a horrible start to the month but at least you know who your friends are. I bet that sourdough challah made everything better – yum! Hope you have an amazing April!

  4. that’s awful about someone telling lies about you. Not nice at all! Hope things improve over the month for you :=) Thanks for joining in IMK as ever! Great to have you.

  5. That’s so horrible for you that people tell lies. What a weird world we are in. I love a good grater and i have quite a few – microplanes and box graters of various sizes. Thanks for being such an IMK stalwart! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since I took over the reins from Celia. Have a great April!

  6. Sorry you had a rough month. I hope April is better

    I love all your flavours of mug cakes. I really need to play around with these a bit.

  7. I am so sorry about the hurtful situation, I hope it is resolved soon. In the long run, it does catch up to the perpetrator. But meanwhile it isn’t fun at all. Years ago I had a grater with several accessories that allowed you to choose the size, I had a roller on a handle. When it finally broke (rusted) I was heartbroken because I haven’t been able to find another like it…there are imitations but they don’t work nearly as well. I always grate my knuckles on a box grater.

    1. I doubt it will ever be resolved Liz, but that is going to have to be OK with me, as I am not in control of the people around me. I would have loved to have seen your grater 🙂

  8. Loving the mug cakes, that’s about all the time I have to make a cake these days so thanks for sharing your ideas. Sorry to hear about the difficult experience, I hope that you ride the waves till it passes x

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