Pernod Ricard 2018 Media Mixer

Pernod Ricard 2018

The Pernod Ricard 2018 Media Mixer provided us with the opportunity to taste a few new drinks. And revisit some of the ones we sampled last year. The evening began with an overview of the company, its brand, acquisitions and mergers. Most excitingly, we were shown the Jameson advert which has only recently been flighted in South Africa. After this we were split into our groups and so began the good times from a good place.

141 Water

This initiative was developed to encourage people to drink water in-between their drinks. Basically, one drink of water for one drink of alcohol. I absolutely loved the refillable bottles which are only available at Pernod Ricard events. Dave and I made good use of the water station throughout the Pernod Ricard 2018 media mixer.

141 Water Pernod Ricard 2018

Beefeater and Monkey 24 Gin

We sampled both the Beefeater and the Monkey 24 last year but this year there was an addition. Their new strawberry infused gin, Beefeater London Pink, with 10 botanicals has recently hit the market. If you can handle the overwhelming strawberry flavour then make good use of it for cocktails.

Beefeater Gin

Altos Tequila

This is a handcrafted tequila from the Mexican blue agave, which takes 10 years to produce. Copper stills are used to distill both the Blanco and the Reposado, which is aged to give it colour. The blanco is sweet with honey, citrus and oak flavours. The reposado is full of caramel and spicy notes from the ex-bourbon barrels. Use the blanco for cocktails and enjoy the reposado neat as a sipping alcohol.

Altos Tequila
Havana Club Rum

Still banned in the United States, this Cuban rum is the leading seller in the world. Havana rums are distilled using a copper column distillation method and aged for a minimum of three years. The Havana Club 3 has apricots and coconut on the palate, as well as hints of vanilla and caramel from the barrels. The Havana Club 7 will include rum from barrels that have been aged for 25 years. There is caramel on the nose, and pineapple on the palate. It is smoother and full-bodied and is meant to be drunk like you would whisky. As an interesting exercise, rub some sum onto the back of your hands. It should leave a creamy texture. If you do this with whisky, you will be able to smell the barley.

Havana Club Rum Pernod Ricard 2018

Absolut Vodka

This is the only vodka I have in my house and a brand I love the taste of. Previously owned by the Swedish Government, Absolut was the pioneer premium vodka used in 1979 for the Cosmopolitan cocktail revolution. It is distilled 100 times to get that clear neutral spirit. Absolut has also paved the way in how flavourings are used in vodka, with 17 different flavours available. We got to sample the new Absolut lime which uses lime oil during distillation to get the flavour profile. The Elyx is a single estate vodka made from winter wheat. The copper distillation process results in a liquid silk, smooth finish with dried fruit and hints of wheat on the palate. This sipping vodka has hints of macadamia nuts and fresh bread, and a lovely finish of white chocolate.

Absolut Vodka

An end to a great Pernod Ricard 2018 evening and recipe ideas

Dave and I left with our 141 bottles and a lovely gift set which included two more water bottles and a bottle of Beefeater 24 gin. I shall peep through the bottle each time I pour a drink and look at the raven holding a key in its mouth. Last year we were given a bottle of Jameson Whisky and I created a whisky cake recipe to showcase the gift. This year I am thinking of making a gin and tonic based dessert. This summer drink is my all time favourite, served ice-cold with frozen limes instead of ice.

Pernod Ricard 2018

Disclosure: Dave and I were invited by Sanele Mashinini of Burson-Marsteller to attend this media mixer event. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime November 21:

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  1. Now that’s an event I would gladly attend. I also love the water decanters. Absolut is distilled about two hours from where we live, but if you go to our Systembolaget (government liquor stores) you’ll not see the flavored Absolut. We can special order, but it’s mostly produced for export. I’ve wanted to try the Elyx, but the price here has been chocking me a bit. It’s 539kr per 700ml or 815 rand, but your description has convinced me to make the plunge.

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