Figs For The Something Sweet Challenge

Figs For The Something Sweet Challenge

I have not got to many of my own challenges recently, and next week I will be away for 6 days and off the internet. But, I am still going to set a challenge and I hope you all find something lovely to make. The challenge this week is to create something sweet using figs

figs for the something sweet challenge
Fig Jam

Don’t forget that the competition is open till the end of the month – this prize is for South African residents only.


Yvette has shared a lovely pasta recipe with rocket. Natalie has a recipe for foldies with rocket.


It is ten years since I posted the challenge and Google is telling me it needs more words for the SEO to go from orange to green. This has been a constant challenge for me since my blog was taken over by a so called SEO guru. All he managed to do was create an ongoing slew of work for me to do. Not that I have to do this, but because I want to. I get a small sense of satisfaction when the tick changes colour. It means I am constantly learning about the part of blogging I enjoy the least.

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17 thoughts on “Figs For The Something Sweet Challenge

  1. Figs rank up there as one of my all time favorite ingredients. I think I am going to have to force time so I can partake in this challenge. Have a super Sunday my friend!

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