The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena

The Couple Next Door opening line: Anne can feel the acid churning in her stomach and creeping up her throat; her head is swimming.

The Couple Next Door

My blurb:
Can desperation lead to a kidnapping. And is it possible that the kidnapper could be double crossed. Will you ever get your baby back? And even more, will your wife ever forgive you for what you have done? Marco has convinced Anne that nothing can go wrong if they leave their baby at home. But Cora is kidnapped while they are not there, and the police suspect that they have killed their baby.
The Couple Next Door:
You never know what’s happening on the other side of the wall.
Your neighbour told you that she didn’t want your six-month-old daughter at the dinner party. Nothing personal, she just couldn’t stand her crying.
Your husband said it would be fine. After all, you only live next door. You’ll have the baby monitor and you’ll take it in turns to go back every half hour.
Your daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last. But now, as you race up the stairs in your deathly quiet house, your worst fears are realized. She’s gone.
You’ve never had to call the police before. But now they’re in your home, and who knows what they’ll find there.
What would you be capable of, when pushed past your limit?
My verdict:

I could not put this book down, even sneaking glances at the page after the one I was reading to know what was going on. I must say that I guessed correctly who was behind the kidnapping. But that in no way detracted from the reading experience. This is a new author I cannot wait to read more from.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9780552173148
Format Paperback
Published May 2017

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Books South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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  1. I love book recommendations. Pretty safe to say I’m into the same genres as you Tandy.

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