Tomate Et Chocolat, Nevers, France

We spent two nights in Nevers, France, before heading out to the countryside to spend two days driving around the Burgundy region. Dave and I chose to spend our last night back in Nevers as we wanted to catch an earlier train to Paris than we had originally planned. We chose a different hotel to where we had stayed the first time. And close to where we were staying was the very quaint looking Tomate Et Chocolat. The owner started off being quite abrupt but once we told him we were from South Africa he became quite pleasant. We chose the Domaine Dupré Bourgogne 2008 wine which was very light and slightly acidic with cassis on the nose. Our amuse bouche were crispy toasted baguette with white sardines.

Tomate Et Chocolat, Nevers
Tomate Et Chocolat

We both had the Moules de bouchot to start. The mussels came from Mont-St.-Michel which we have visited and they were fantastic. I had a very tasty steak done blue for my main course which was served with a vin rouge, and brilliant vegetables. Dave had the same vegetables with his fish main course which was served with a pesto de sésame. I am going to try and make this at home.

Our Meal at Tomate Et Chocolat, Nevers
Our Meal

Dessert was listed on the menu as le cheesecake au citron vert and both Dave and I commented that they did not use the French for cheesecake. It was very smooth and full of lemon. Dave had the carpaccio d’orange which was served with a very minty glace. Dave had an espresso to end which was served with biscuits.

Desserts at Tomate Et Chocolat, Nevers

Contact them on +33 386 690563 and reservations are highly recommended.

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19 thoughts on “Tomate Et Chocolat, Nevers, France

  1. Girl after my own heart – Tandy – blue steak – yes please:)And Dave’s espresso perfect end to a great meal!

  2. I’m always craving mussels, but not usually at 8:00 in the morning 🙂 Now I am! Those desserts look so fabulous, too!

  3. How fantastic. I have not visited France. The food looks amazing, especially the carpacio d’orange and the mussels, I am off to the markets this weekend, will buy a few kgs, cook a feast and pretend I am in France. 🙂 Great review Tandy!

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