Dried Lemons

I had an abundance of citrus fruit and used my oven to make these dried lemons. They in turn were used to make my lemon meringues.

Dried Lemons
Dried Lemons
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I recently travelled to Johannesburg and while I was there I met friends for dinner. We chose a place half way between the two of us in an area I am very familiar with as I used to live there. I arrived shortly before they did, and drove past the restaurant before looking for parking. As they were on a corner I though it would be best to park on the side road. However, there was no parking available and I did not want to park anywhere that was dark. I drove around the block and picked the first parking space I found, outside of another restaurant. This was half a block away but I was not worried about the walk. After dinner Stella and Samantha offered to walk me to my car. I told them it was not necessary, but they insisted. And I was so grateful they did.

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My car, together with everyone else parked along the pavement, had been parked in. A solid line of cars just randomly parked where they wanted to. Not knowing what to do, and realizing the situation was not the safest, I suggested we go back to the restaurant. Due to curfew they were just closing, but the owner let us in, and set off his alarm. The security company sent out a guard and he accompanied us to my car. At which point there was a gap for me to leave.  He waited until I was out of the parking space and he then walked Stella and Sam to their car. This went beyond what was expected of him. And I will forever be grateful to the owner of The Eatalian who helped us out. Have you ever been parked in and did you manage to get out of the space?

Dried Lemons

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Dried Lemons

Use up seasonal lemons to keep for when you need dried fruit
Recipe Category: Preserves
Makes enough for: 1 batch dried lemons
All Rights Reserved: an original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 2 lemons, or more if you want to make a bigger batch


  • Preheat the oven to 80° Celsius
  • Place some parchment paper onto the wire rack of your oven
  • Thinly slice the oranges using a sharp knife
  • Place onto the parchment paper
  • Put the wire rack into the oven into the middle slot
  • Turn the fruit once after two hours, and again after another two hours
  • After a total of 5 hours they should be completely dried out


This method will work for any citrus fruit
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime October 22:

Dave and I are away in The Netherlands and I am not sure how much time I will have for blogging. I will be back at work on the 26th of October and will reply to blog comments then. I might not be able to read any blogs while I am away. You can follow our trip by taking a look at our holiday blog.
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    1. Any area in that part can be unsafe due to a lot of factors. But I didn’t feel unsafe until my car was parked in and we were surrounded by street people looking for phones or bags to grab.

  1. You have to be very careful not to get parked in when your are out and about in Joburg. I’ve seen people bouncing cars out of the way when they’ve been parked in. Not much law and order about.

    1. The Sandton Police were not even interested! Such a different experience to what we have here, and nothing I ever experienced while living there.

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