Caramel Ganache

I came up with this caramel ganache recipe as I wanted to use the very last bit of the spiced caramel I had made. If you are going to use store bought caramel you need to ensure that it is totally smooth.

Date And Olive Oil Chocolate Cake With A Caramel Ganache
Date And Olive Oil Chocolate Cake With A Caramel Ganache
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Inspiration on what to write for today’s post was eluding me. So I turned to Twitter and scrolled through my timeline. And what a good thing I did, as I was shocked into action. I had planned on waiting till 4 weeks to go before we needed our Visas to complete the tedious process of applying for them. The waiting time when I checked on the 20th of March was 15 working days. And that way I would have plenty of time to get the paperwork done. But on the 1st of April, this changed to 6 weeks. Now, it could very well have been an April Fool’s Joke, but I could not take the risk. Far too much planning has gone into our holiday in June. I had already completed both of the 12 pages of forms for Dave and I, so all I had to do was pay.

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I was trying to delay that part as despite paying for a Visa to Austria, I never got to travel. And I really do not like wasting money. Once the payments were processed and a time was booked I started collating the documents needed. Thankfully these are all uploaded onto the system, so there is no need to print out copious pages. The list of documents required is not that long, but going with my principal of giving more than asked for, I uploaded 17 documents. This should be more than enough to ensure our Visa application is successful. Have you ever discovered something on Twitter that galvanised you into action?

Date And Olive Oil Chocolate Cake With A Caramel Ganache


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Caramel Ganache

Use store bought caramel if you don't want to go through the process of making it yourself
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 batch ganache
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


For the caramel

  • 75 g fructose
  • 40 g cream
  • 30 g butter, cubed

For the ganache

  • 85 g caramel
  • 35 g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 5 mls whipping cream


For the caramel

  • Place one third of the fructose into a deep saucepan, in one even layer, and place onto a medium to low temperature
  • Leave to melt then sprinkle another third of the fructose on top and gently stir into the melted fructose
  • Leave to melt, and repeat with the last third
  • You need to be patient as this method takes a while and you don't want the fructose to burn
  • When it has all melted and is starting to change colour, pour the cream into a glass jug
  • Place the cream into the microwave and heat for 2 minutes
  • When the fructose is a lovely golden colour, remove from the heat
  • Slowly pour the cream into the fructose while whisking the entire time *
  • When combined add the butter and gently stir with the whisk until the butter has melted
  • Transfer the caramel into the mixing jug you used for the cream and whisk with an electric beater until silky smooth and slightly cooled

For the ganache

  • Weigh out the ganache into a glass mixing bowl ** and add the chocolate
  • Microwave in 30 second bursts until the chocolate melts
  • Add the cream, whisk until glossy and use to ice your cake once cooled


* if the mixture clumps up you can put it back on the heat while you are whisking, to get it smooth.
** If you use store bought caramel you need to microwave it for 30 seconds before adding the chocolate.  
*** If you have any leftover caramel, you can store it in a sterilized my glass jar in the fridge.
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17 thoughts on “Caramel Ganache

  1. The caramel looks very delicious. It’s one of my favorite sweet flavors, along with chocolate and lemon. But I love sweets so there are a lot of runners-up for the honor.

    best… mae at

  2. HI Tandy, we learned the hard way that they visa process for Europe is much longer now. 6 to 8 weeks. As a result, we aren’t going to the Netherlands this week. So disappointing.

    1. That is very disappointing. It has a lot to do with the War sadly, and the limited number of Visas being issued still!

  3. Caramel Ganache might just be the best tasting thing on planet earth! I will have to try this, ,maybe even on top of ice cream. Good luck with your visas! Ugh. We applied for passports and $700 later for just the 4 kids got rejected because the paperwork wasn’t perfect. ARRHHHG.

  4. I absolutely love ganache. This recipes sounds easy and delicious. Always prudent to apply early for a visa- my friends daughter missed a wonderful family trip to Morocco because she didn’t apply in time.

    1. I am reading every day that Visa’s are taking longer and longer to get. What a pity to miss a trip like that.

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