Food Quiz Number 77 For A Friday

Good morning from a very cold Gordons Bay. This has been a very long, wet winter and yesterday on my way home from work I could see snow on the mountains. At least it is not raining today. My fried Pink has posted her weekly quiz. These are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 77- and they may not all be correct.

1.What is the main ingredient of a farinata?
Chickpea flour

2.What is a burrata?
An Italian cheese

3. What is traditionally the main ingredient of a croquette?
Mashed potato

4. If I talk about Nemagold, Hernandez, Travis or White delight, what am I talking about?

Food Quiz Number 77
Strawberry And Lavender Jam

5. What is the difference between a taquito and a flauta?
I have no idea! I would guess they are both Spanish dishes, a tortilla of some sort?

6. What are the three main ingredients of the Greek soup, called Kotopoulo avgolemono?
Eggs and lemons

7. What is the difference between a broad bean and a fava bean?
Nothing, they are different names for the same bean

8. What is Strozzapreti also known as?
The priest strangler

9. What does oregano means?
I am not sure how to answer this, but it is a herb

10. What is rillettes?
A rough pâté, we ate a lot of duck rillette when we were in France last year.

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13 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 77 For A Friday

  1. Oh, Tandy, I just love your knowledge about food! Thanks for doing this quiz!!

    I soooo enjoyed your interview with Abigail Donnely!!

    Hugs and xxxx!

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