July 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is July 2015 and winter has arrived with a vengeance in the Western Cape. It is weather for hearty soups, casseroles and snuggling under the blanket with my 3 Jack Russell’s! Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial kindly gathers us together each month to show off what is in our kitchens. This month I have quite a lot of things in my kitchen to share with you all.

In My Kitchen July 2015

When we did the master class wine tasting at Fairview we were given magnetic badges for being such good sports! I am using mine on my fridge to keep the recipes I am making in place.

Badges From Fairview In My Kitchen July 2015
Badges From Fairview

I am not the world’s best food stylist, but I do try! And to make my styling a bit more fun I bought myself some chefs tweezers. I hope I have the patience to use them.

Chefs Tweezers In My Kitchen July 2015
Chefs Tweezers

I had 1.2 litres of guava juice

Guava Juice In My Kitchen July 2015
Guava Juice

which I used by pressing fresh guavas (which I received from the lovely Teresa), through my juicer. I am hoping to turn the juice into something special. In the meantime I have frozen it until I have time to make the best use of my juice.

Guavas In My Kitchen July 2015

I bought 2 bottles of the Rose and Pomegranate Infusions at the GF&WS. Sadly, the lid is not very good so I would suggest if you buy a bottle that you drink it the same day you open it. I have been using the flat infusions to poach guavas in.

Infusions In My Kitchen July 2015

My old pizza pan lasted 4 years but the handles are now giving way, and the non stick coating is scratched (my fault). I bought a new pizza pan which I have found is larger than the older one. I have been baking biscuits every few days using it.

Pizza Pan
Pizza Pan

From the GF&WS I also came home with the best finishing olive oil I have tasted in South Africa. I have told Dave he cannot use this for cooking as it is that special, and quite pricey for ordinary use. Now I have to make risottos!

Plantation 36 Olive Oil
Plantation 36 Olive Oil

Also as part of my ‘insect pack‘ was a scorpion sucker. I had to get a nice photograph of the sucker so that you could clearly see the scorpion. Don’t worry, the sting has been removed 🙂

Scorpion Sucker
Scorpion Sucker

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48 thoughts on “July 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I have tried using tweezers as well, but the result came out worse. I think I am really bad when I try to over do it. However, I look at your pictures often to learn a few tricks 🙂

  2. My chef’s tweezers are “borrowed long nose pliers” from Pete’s workshop when required. They are thoroughly cleaned before use though. 🙂
    I would thoroughly enjoy a glass of your guava juice.
    Have a wonderful day Tandy.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. I confess, I find it hard to believe you get winter in the western cape!!! Anyhow, is olive oil envy a thing? I’m so jealous of that lovely olive oil, would love to drink as-is. And that pizza pan just sounds great right now, I’m a big ruiner of pans as well! They get used and abused for sure. Have a great week Tandy =)

  4. Hi Tandy, great new gadgets in your kitchen, I was once bitten by a scorpion and I was almost paralyzed for a few days, they are awful insects.

  5. That extra olive oil looks amazing. I wish I could find that brand here. I’m definitely going to look for it on amazon. And I am definitely in need of a pizza pan Mandy, thanks for reminding me :).

  6. So hard to imagine you’re heading into winter as we gently slide into summer here in NY. I’d love to taste that finishing oil. I bet it’s delicious.

  7. i love a good olive oil. i know lots of chefs say don’t use it for cooking but i always have and have no regrets:) scorpion? eek. what do you do with it? i had a bit of a giggle when you said you got juice from squeezing teresa thru your juicer:) yep silly me.

  8. I love, love, love guavas and guava juice. If we ever holiday anywhere tropical, I always look for them on the breakfast table. I’ve never thought of using a pizza pan for biscuits. Thanks for the idea. Chef’s tweezers Tandy, you are getting serious!

    Thanks for the tour.

  9. I buy my olive oil in a big can like that. It’s from a family owned olive grove on a Greek island (and the brother lives here). Makes so much difference having good olive oil doesn’t it. Lovely kitchen browse 🙂

  10. I love the badges Tandy and cannot remember the last time I tasted guava! I am salivating even though I cannot place the taste, so obviously I must have enjoyed my last experience!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view!

  11. Tweezers are really handy with some food photography, sometimes I can get a bit clumsy trying to lift small items with my fingers. I love a good olive oil too. 🙂

  12. Cute tweezers. I’m not really one to do ‘styling’ with my food but it’s all the rage right now. Love to see what you create with them. I love a good olive oil – It’s my favourite of your #IMK goodies this month

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