Truffle Omelette

As I had to use the bottle of truffles we bought back from Italy within three days, we had a feast of truffles in all our meals for the weekend. Sunday breakfast was a beautiful truffle omelette served just like this:

Truffle Omelette
Truffle Omelette

there are many perfect ways of making an omelette. I use two eggs per person, 1 tablespoon of water per 2 eggs and cook them in butter. I season the eggs before cooking. For this recipe I used some of the leftover liquid from rehydrating mushrooms and I used a small dash of truffle oil with the butter.

Did you know that an omelette is used as testing a chefs skills? A chef in France when applying for a job might be asked to make an omelette. The skill is in getting the outside perfectly cooked, and the inside still soft and not quite set. Nothing will be added to the pan and the next skill to be tested is the rolling. It cannot be folded over. There is a trick to getting the omelette nice and fluffy and that is moving the pan and agitating the eggs at the same time. A spatula is used for this until the eggs start to set.

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