Orange And Fennel Sorbet

Orange season has been and gone and the only ones available in our shops right now are imported. I will not buy these but I have kept a container of my orange and fennel sorbet in my freezer to enjoy when the craving for oranges takes over.

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Orange And Fennel Sorbet
Orange And Fennel Sorbet

Service in this country is going downhill fast. When we bought our new satellite decoder it came with a free installation. In order to take up this offer, we had to use an accredited installer. I sent an email to DSTV and they informed me I had to use Aerial & Satellite 4 U as they were the closest service provider to my house. The company is 40 kilometres from where I live and when I contacted the owner via email his wife said that they would only do the installation when it suited them, and when they had more than one installation to do in the area! We received our new decoder on the 24th of February and on the 2nd of March, one week later, I was contacted to say they could do the installation the following day, sometime after 11am. I asked Nadierah for an exact time as we would have to leave work to be at the house, and she told me I had to sit and wait for them and if we were not there when they arrived they would drive off. She could not give me an exact time as they were doing an installation in Strand first. I asked if she could get her installer to call me when he left Strand so that we could leave our office in Strand at the same time to meet them there? With much argument and shouting from her, and me explaining I am the client, she grudgingly agreed to this. However, when I got home this is the email I received from her:

As per Shafick I am cancelling your booking to do the explore installation for tomorrow .I cannot give exact times also I cannot guarantee what happen on the job before your installation.this installtion needs to be  relocate to a installer in the area.that be on a time at your house .we working at estimated time.

So, now I had a decoder that wasn’t working and that was active and I was left with a huge dilemma. I decided to look on the DSTV website for an installer and contacted Dynamic Sat who are actually closer to me! Phillip answered my call at 16h55 and he came out the next day, calling when he was on his way. He did the one point installation that was part of our package, as well as an extra installation we needed doing, and charged me a fair rate. His company is one I can highly recommend as he was willing, able and did his work efficiently.

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Orange And Fennel Sorbet

The freshness of oranges and the aniseed hit from the fennel makes this a refreshing sorbet
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 batch sorbet
All Rights Reserved: an original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 1 lemon, zest and juice
  • 5 mls fennel seeds, lightly crushed
  • 10 mint leaves, roughly chopped
  • 250 mls water
  • 500 mls orange syrup


  • Place the lemon zest and juice, fennel, mint and water into a sauce pan
  • Bring to the boil and remove from the heat
  • Set aside and leave to cool so that the flavours can infuse
  • Strain into a jug and add the orange syrup
  • Place into the fridge overnight to chill
  • Churn as per your ice cream machine manufacturers' instructions

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47 thoughts on “Orange And Fennel Sorbet

  1. Hi Tandy,
    I hope that you reported this to DSTV as they need to know how their so called official installers treat their customers.

    Glad that you got it sorted out In the end. So annoying.

    Gill xx

  2. What an experience Tandy. Any repair or installation work we have done they give us a block of time like 10 to 2. Very frustrating. Glad everything worked out alright.

  3. Orange & Fennel are a match made in heaven. The limes are plentiful here at the moment so as we speak, I am churning a lime sorbet. I ummed and ahhed about adding an egg white to give it a lusciousness but decided against it as I don’t believe it will be too icy. I have added a shot of tequila which will help it to stop going hard and to give it a little kick.

  4. Sorry about your service issues! Oh my. This sorbet actually looks like it might soothe sore nerves. I crave oranges too and I love how you incorporated fennel, always looking for more innovative ways to use fennel. Looks divine.

  5. Glad you won’t buy any imported fruit Tandy (didn’t think you would!). What a beautiful sorbet. I hope you get through all of these technological challenges at the moment…there has been a few!

  6. 4 stars
    Mmmm, love sorbet and I bet the fennel flavours in this one make it super palate-cleansing! I have some blood oranges at the moment that might very well end up as a sorbet 🙂

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