September 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

We had a very busy September 2023. The first weekend was spent in Stilbaai with friends. And I went up to Johannesburg for work, and to catch up with friends. I packed the toiletries needed for both trips before we went away the first time. And as soon as I got home I refilled everything for our trip to The Netherlands. We leave on Wednesday night, and you can follow our trip by taking a look at our holiday blog. Lots of time was spent with friends, and with watching the rugby – Go Bokke!

Recipes shared in September 2023

If ever I have made a recipe I insist you try, it is the one for spiced apple chutney. This was so good that I am going to make it again. I used it to make my coronation chicken, which I wrapped in baked roti. I baked health muffins to eat at work for breakfast, and I made a batch of chocnut ice cream in preparation for summer, which is not close to making her arrival. This month I will be sharing a recipe for chicken ramen, and in preparation for that, I made kansui and ramen eggs.

In my fridge

When I first started doing these IMK posts, I shared what was in my fridge each month. As there is nothing new in my kitchen I thought I would let you take a peek into my fridge. The only thing missing is the bottle of white wine that is usually in the fridge. Dave used it when I was in Johanesburg and it still needs replacing!

September 2023

This is my October submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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14 thoughts on “September 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. hi Tandy. thanks for joining in this month. I’m afraid i have terrible trouble getting onto your blog, and also due to the Trojan virus (I think it is), my blog deletes all your comments. I try to find them and re-publish them but i’ve probably missed a few! Have a good month and trip away!

    1. Hi, I wonder why you are having issues getting into my blog. And such a bugga about my comments being deleted. I use my iPad to read your blog and comment, hence the url link as blogger is not very user friendly. Thanks for the wishes 🙂

      1. Yes Blogger is a real bugger! they’ve never updated it or improved it in the ten years I’ve been using it. It just seems to get worse! I reckon they’ll just dump the whole thing one day without warning. Which happened to my first blog! They just closed up shop one day …

  2. What a busy month you’ve had – the chutney looks great, I will have to check out the recipe. My neighbours have given me so many apples from their gardens and allotments! Your fridge door looks just like ours… Full of condiments! Enjoy your time in the Netherlands!

  3. You really did quite a bit of traveling in September and still had time to share all these recipes. Impressive. I will keep your spiced apple chutney in mind for Thanksgiving!

  4. Your fridge looks so orderly! Ours is usually a crazy tetris jumble of things. We got a new one a few months ago because the old one went to heaven and we are still getting used to its setup which is a bit different to the old one.. I’m sure we are getting old with this slow speed of adaptation…

  5. Your frig looks a lot like mine Tandy with all of those sauce bottles and jars. They certainly go into a lot of my dishes, especially the Asian meals. I love the look of everything you have cooked, the ramen, the ice cream, and the chutney looks amazing. I really do like Coronation chicken, I’ll make it one day. Hope your holidays are going beautifully.

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