Ramen Eggs

I slightly overcooked my ramen eggs but that did not detract from how tasty they were. And how perfectly they went with the meal I created. I would suggest perfecting the eggs so that the yolks are still runny, but the whites hard boiled.

Ramen Eggs, Ramen Noodles, Chicken Ramen
Chicken Ramen
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Last week Wednesday I noticed a small bite under my watch. I really should have paid more attention to it. By Friday it was so bad I had to take my watch off. And I have not had it on since then, other than to train. A very small spider must have been on the underside when I put it on after charging. And then bitten me as I tightened the watch strap. As I shower with my watch on, it would have been washed away. The bite was itchy, just like a mosquito bite. And I ignored the itch until I got home on Wednesday night. I applied anthisan which is an antihistamine cream. It stopped the itching but not the infection. Between the watch rubbing on the bite, and the nasties in the spider’s bite itself, the little mark was soon 1cm big.

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I use my watch to time my training routine so I have to wear it in the morning. And I monitor my sleep for two reasons. One is to know how much sleep I am actually getting. And the other is to know what is my idea sleep gate every night. But, the irritation on my arm means I just can’t stand having the watch on during the day, or at night. I have been applying a topical cream to deal with the infection. And I am hoping it does not take too long for the wound to heal. Have you ever had a bite that has become infected?

Chicken Ramen


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Ramen Eggs

Try and get your yolks to be slightly runny if possible
Recipe Category: Asian
Makes enough for: 2 people


  • 125 mls water
  • 15 mls soy sauce
  • 15 mls mirin
  • 1 egg, hard boiled with soft yolks, peeled


  • Place the water, soy sauce and mirin into a jug and whisk to combine
  • Pour into a ziploc bag and add the egg
  • Seal and place into the fridge overnight
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11 thoughts on “Ramen Eggs

  1. I use hardboiled eggs quite often added to noodles,in salads, morning & brunch wraps et al – do not remember finishing such off quite your way but shall try ! Oh yes, small infections happen now and then – I usually get the super-strength E cream busy and keep the area open and to the sun . . . often such comes about simply from rubbing or scratching, say by the back of a wet watch . . . perchance there was no bug involved at all ?

  2. i was bitten by some mysterious creature recently. It was so itchy and a weird round shape. so odd!

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