Citrus Liqueur With A Brandy Base

Yesterday after shopping I came home in need of a drink! I purchased several items from my local store but found them more than 20% cheaper at their opposition, and so took them back for credit. One of the items was a probiotic and I was told by the ladies at the returns counter that they do not take back medication. There is no sign where I purchased the probiotics, nor was it indicated on my slip that I could not return them. The pharmacist came to explain to me that there is a sign at the pharmacy that states I may not bring back medication. I told her that as the vitamin section is not part of the pharmacy I did not see the sign. She said that the health section is part of the pharmacy. I then explained that I do not have to pay for vitamins, health supplements and various unscheduled medications at the pharmacy but I do have to pay for scheduled medication at the pharmacy, so how was I supposed to know they were part of the same section? Her response was to ask me “How would you like it if someone from Khayelitsha returned something and then you bought it?” Khayelitsha is an area inhabited by people mostly living in sub economic informal settlements and who are either Black or Coloured. Her assumption was because I am white, I cannot live in Khayelitsha. Sadly, poverty is colour blind and her comment was racist. She also assumed that people living in this area would tamper with medication and vitamins. Surely if this is the case, they could tamper with any edible product and return it? And frankly, area does not determine this type of behaviour and if the concern is that edible products might be tampered with then they should not take anything edible back. Once I pointed out to her that her assumption was offensive she became defensive and would not listen to my argument. I have been told by the store security that I may not write down prices to compare them and so buying them and then comparing them and then returning them if I can get them cheaper elsewhere is my only option. The more I rationalized why I should be allowed to return the items the more defensive she became, before eventually storming off as I was not leaving till I got my money back! Thankfully the store manager agreed with me and the refund was done, but the exacerbation levels were still high. Hence, the need for a drink! Which, by the way, I did not have. But had I had something to drink when I got home it would have been my citrus liqueur which I started making on the 18th of July and decanted on the 17th of September. It is not too sweet and does not have an alcoholic after taste and is, in my opinion, a great after shopping dinner drink.

Do you have a liqueur you like to drink after a meal?

Citrus Liqueur During Fermentation
Citrus Liqueur During Fermentation


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Citrus Liqueur

In just 2 months you can have a not too sweet and not too alcoholic after dinner drink to enjoy.
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  • 5 oranges tangerines, or any sweet citrus fruit of your choice, washed
  • 375 g fructose
  • 1 stalk lemongrass slightly bruised
  • 1 stalk rosemary
  • 750 mls Brandy


  • Zest the fruit and set the zest aside
  • Juice the fruit and place the juice into a large jar
  • Add the fructose and stir until it dissolved
  • Add the zest, the lemongrass and the rosemary
  • Add the Brandy and stir
  • Put the lid on the jar and leave to macerate for 2 months
  • Strain through a coffee filter into a sterilized glass bottle
  • Seal and store in a cool place
  • Enjoy!

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Citrus Liqueur
Citrus Liqueur

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34 thoughts on “Citrus Liqueur With A Brandy Base

  1. What a story Tandy! I can’t believe they gave you such a different time about your return. Shows you racism exists everywhere. I have a close college friend who lives in South Africa (she’s a teacher and enjoy immensely all her pics on FB and knows, she has dealt sadly with such issues as well.) But she’s happy there and does not want to leave. I love the rosemary in this drink, such a welcome addition.

  2. Oh, what a trying shopping trip! This liqueur does look as if it would do the trick!

  3. my goodness Tandy, what a fussthe pharmacy made, and as you say the implications of her comments were pretty nasty! I’m interested in your citru sdrink as I’ve only ever made limoncella style using vodka or pure spirits

  4. Hi Tandy, I think I would of wanted a drink after that conversation as well and I don’t think I would ever go back. Your orange liqueur sounds wonderful.

    1. I have told the head office that I will never buy from that department again but the store is our largest supermarket, and in the mall where I shop so I have very little choice convenience wise sadly.

  5. Flip! I can’t believe what the customer service lady said. It goes to show that racisism is still alive and well in South Africa. People from Khayelitsha are no different to people from Gordon’s Bay or anywhere else in South Africa. I am so glad you fought for what was right and your issue was sorted out. Well done! xx

  6. Tandy, don’t tell me you’ve turned into a moonshiner? lol Just kidding. I showed this recipe to my aunt and she loved it. Thanks for posting it 🙂

  7. Goodness Tandy – what an adventure! And you were only at the local shop. How silly that you aren’t allowed to write down prices. They have too many rules. How about they invest their time into providing some cheaper prices or better customer service? I’m glad you challenged that comment too. My favourite after dinner tipple is Amaretto. It’s not for everyone but we both really enjoy it and just bought another litre of it Duty Free. Cheers *clink*

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