Rosé Apple Sauce

I think some people walk through life with rose tinted glasses, not realizing how their actions and decisions affect others. I recently attempted to acquire a new supplier. The owner insisted on coming to meet me before providing me with a discount structure. He made an appointment and then did not pitch for it. Three no show appointments later I was seriously not impressed, and let him know this in no uncertain terms. It really drives me scatty when I make plans to be in the office and people don’t respect that, or when I make plans to meet people somewhere and they cancel at the last minute. My nights can also be affected when I open my fridge to discover something I thought was there has been used up and no note made that it needs replacing. This happened the other night when Dave had made pork rashers for supper. I went looking for the apple sauce and there was none! So, the next day I went out and bought some pink apples and made rosé apple sauce for us to have with the next pork meal on our menu. The sauce is sweet and buttery and goes so well with different pork cuts.

Rosé Apple Sauce
Rosé Apple Sauce
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Rosé Apple Sauce

This apple sauce probably won't last long in your fridge as it is good enough to eat by the spoonful
Recipe Category: Condiments, Sauces
Makes enough for: 1 batch sauce
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Sauces Dips and Salsas page 51


  • 180 mls rosé wine
  • 4 pink apples, peeled, cored and chopped
  • 1 lemon, zest only
  • 15 mls fresh thyme leaves
  • 45 g butter, cubed
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season


  • Place the wine into a sauce pan
  • Bring to the boil over a high temperature and leave for 1 minute
  • Add the apples and the lemon zest
  • Reduce the heat, cover and summer until the apples break apart
  • Remove from the heat, stir in the thyme and leave to cool until warm to the touch
  • Purée using a stick blender until smooth
  • Add the butter, cube by cube, blending the entire time
  • Once all the butter has been incorporated, season to taste
  • Refrigerated until needed


If you do not have a stick blender, use your food processor or liquidizer. The sauce is best served at room temperature, or warmed up if you prefer it that way.

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Dave and I are overseas in Scotland. I will be back in my office on the 16th of September and I will start replying to comments then. I won’t be able to read any blogs while we are away so please forgive my lack of visiting back. To follow along with us, click here.

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16 thoughts on “Rosé Apple Sauce

  1. Your apple sauce sounds lovely Tandy.
    It seems respect has long flown out the window in Africa as a whole Tandy and sadly all I hear is how we need to get used to it. I don’t think so! It is unacceptable and completely disrespectful.
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. oooh, when people finish things and don’t tell you and you go to eat… that is the worst. Grrr. This sauce would be great with some many things, I reckon we’d work through this jar in no time.

  3. Oh wow… I’m so sorry that he was so inconsiderate! That’s just so rude! …but on the bright side this looks delicious… like a perfect addition to a hearty fall meal! Love it! (BTW I’m OBSESSED with pink lady apples, they’re basically the only ones I’ll eat lol!)

  4. That’s terrible service. I wonder how they expect to stay in business. I don’t like last minute cancellations-hubby’s father used to do that and we just don’t see him because he lives in his own world where things revolve around him!

    As for this sauce-how absolutely delightful! I hope you and Dave are having a great time in Scotland 🙂

  5. 5 stars
    I also have a pet peeve when my family doesn’t list that they’ve used up the last of something. I have never seen Rose in a recipe and I have a lovely bottle on hand.

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